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Treehouse Records/Shock (2006)

More Info

  2. cHEW iT uP
  3. oUR tIME
  4. mY mUSIC
  5. sTUFF
  6. uNITY
  7. tRUTH aND eYES
  8. iM wRONG
  9. wATER
  10. fROM fHE hEART
  11. nIGHT

Dont Wait On Me

Treehouse Records (2005)

More Info

  1. Dont wait on me
  2. Satisfied Presence
  3. Connected
  4. Smile
  5. Dont wait on me (radio edit)

The EP

Independant (2004)

More Info

  1. The Masses
  2. Know It All
  3. I'm Wrong
  4. Friends
  5. Who Am I

In The Beginning

Independant (2002)

Less Info

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Doo-Dit-Doo
  3. Escape
  4. No Woman No Cry *
  5. Rocklands

Please Note: This CD is no longer in production.

This is a CD that Rob sold at his earlier gigs. The songs are fingerstyle guitar instrumentals. Home recorded in 2002. Rob was making the CDs at home and the production process took too long and therefore this CD is no longer in print.

"Thanks to my family and friends for all their suppord. I would like to thank music in general. If it wasn't for music, this CD would never have been created. Thank you to all of my guitar/music teachers, and thank you to everyone at Blue Note Music College" --Rob Sawyer

* Written by V. Ford. Fingerstyle arrangement by Rob Sawyer



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