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to the end..

Another amazing year comes to an end. And no better way to finish off good ol 2009 with a show with some mates at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. Wed 9th Dec Rob will be joining Carus, Loren, and Nathan Gaunt. Come make it a spledid one for all and we'll see this year out with a blast!!

Posted: 02/12/2009 by Rob Sawyer. (link)

Made it home alive!

Thats right. Ol' Roberto Sawyer made it back to Australia in one piece. After an epic tour with his band throughout France, Holland, Belgium, and England for the past 3 months the lads back on Aussie soil. There's plenty of photos, movies, and stories to come so stay tuned. But until then, just thought we'd let you know about a last minute show.

Rob will be joining Loren ( for a double bill show on Sun Oct 4th in Melbourne @ the Evelyn in Fitzroy. Come welcome Sawyer home, listen to some new tunes, and grab a beer or ten to celebrate a rad summer to come!

Posted: 25/09/2009 by Rob Sawyer. (link)

Euro Summer Tour. Radness in the sun! Sawyer Band chaos to come!

G’day to all!

Sunshine, Leffe, Mates, Baguette, Cheese, L’Olympia, Trees, Canals, Cobble stone, Sunset, City Lights, Stage fright, Big Nights, Long Walks, Bike Home, Maoz, Sleep less, Eat more, Play harder, Pick faster, Jump around, Smell like Table Tennis, Flanny Gangs, Love it all, Poor liver!

You could say it’s been a crazy 3 weeks so far. I don’t know where to start! Lets just say I started off taking some wings to Paris once again for another one of those lovely 24-hour missions minus the movies this time. Then a train to Lille in France to meet up with my good ol’mate, and French manager GG! After once again familiarizing myself with good French food, and Belgium beer it was time to wack some strings!

To the north of France for an outdoor show to a nice little crowd in Le Touquet, for Fete De La Musique. Once a year the French celebrate this weekend around the 21st of June. Amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets. The slogan Faites de la musique (Make music), a homophone of Fête de la Musique, is used to promote this goal. Good work I reckon!

Then to Lille for a show in the Aussie Café with good mates from an aussie band known as Rogerthat. If you haven’t heard of them yet, do! Good times with those lad’s. We even spent a night in Paris together for the guitarist Jimmy’s birthday. Classic night of glitter fingers and fits of laughter on the dance floor, then baguettes and croissants at around 6am before bed. As ya do…

Then came some good news. Gerald (GG) informed me that I get to play once again at the prestigious L’Olympia stadium in Paris with American band ‘Chickenfoot.’
A hard rock band, supergroup featuring vocalist Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen and Montrose), bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen), guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Olympia is so amazing to play! The best onstage sound I’ve had I think, and to a sell out crowd of around 2400. Pretty cool for a sweaty little aussie on an acoustic guitar. And it was rad to see Joe Satriani pluckin away, him being one of my earliest guitar hero’s. Damn loud concert I must say. Good stuff!

Back to Lille for a small show in a little underground bar, and then off to a beach near Amsterdam in Holland. The place is called Timboektoe, in Wijk Aan Zee. If you ever get a chance to check it out I highly suggest it. It was once again Aussie night with myself playing solo and Rogerthat rockin out again. Music, sweat, beer, sunshine, beach, mates, and numerous good-looking Dutch girls... Who could complain?

Finished off the week with a bit of a party around Amsterdam visiting some old friends, getting around on Dutch bikes, playing Petanque with good red wine and cheese in the park, more good tunes, food, and the usual chaos. Loving this life.

Now licking my wounds in Lille, France. And helping a mate build a roof on an old cinema he is renovating to become his new home. Licking my wounds from the past 3 weeks and awaiting the arrival of my drummer Fabio, and bass player Simo! We get together in the next couple of days to begin what I’m sure will another one to remember. 2 months on the road together in the European Summer. Playing music and living the dream.

A bit of news from the road! See ya round Europe, or back in Aus when I’m home.

Stay Rad.

Posted: 12/07/2009 by Rob Sawyer. (link)

On ya bike tour 2008

Posted: 23/06/2009 by Rob Sawyer. (link)

Summer European Tour Dates Announced!!

20th June – Fete De La Musique / Open Air Stage – Le Touquet FRANCE
24th June – La Rumeur – Lille FRANCE
4th July – Timboektoe – Wijk Aan Zee, NETHERLANDS
15th July – Opa Bastille – Paris FRANCE
16th July – Le Rideau Rouge – Brussels BELGIUM
17th July – The Winston Kingdon – Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
18th July – Ongetemd Party – Den Haag NETHERLANDS
23rd July – La Mauvaise Herbe – Calais FRANCE
25th July – Open Air Stage – Stella Plage FRANCE
30th July – Ride Café – Plymouth UK
31st July – Winchester – Bournemouth UK
2nd August – Gylly Beach Café – Gylly Beach UK
3rd August – Sandsifter – Hayle UK
4th August – Wig & Pen – Truro UK
5th August – The Taphouse – St Agnes UK
6th August – Relentless Boardmasters Beach Session – Newquay UK
14th August – Open Air Stage / Esplanade Des Gascons – Anglet FRANCE
15th August – Open Air Stage / Plage de Lacanau – Lacanau FRANCE
16th August – Australian Café – Hourtin FRANCE
19th August – Open Air Stage / Plage – Seignosse FRANCE
20th August – L’alsace Gourmande – Seignosse FRANCE
21st August – Le Bagus – La Teste De Buch FRANCE
22nd August – Le 44 – Cap-ferret FRANCE
24th August – Le Mojito – Vieux Boucau FRANCE
25th August – Le Newquay – Biarritz FRANCE
27th August – La Casa Didou – St-Veille Girons FRANCE
28th August – Le Mojito / Mama Nature – Anglet FRANCE
29th August – Le Live – Soustons FRANCE

More to come so stay tuned!

Posted: 24/05/2009 by Rob Sawyer. (link)


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On Ya Bike Tour


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