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Otways Ridgee Didge Music Festival

Rob Sawyer band to play the first Ridgee Didge Music Fest in Victoria's Otways. Gunna be a rippa!!! Byo CANS only and a donation at the gate of at least thirty bucks will be expected for u to enter! We still have Barbarion, Marshall and the fro, Benjalu, Stabbie stabbie kill kill, Rob Sawyer, Shaun Kirk, Luke Watt, Mojo Corner, Dynamo, Luke Legs, ROSSY Arundal, Stringybark Mcdowell, El moth and the turbo Rads, Johnny Hawken, Brides, Little Wolf, MJ Taylor and more should be pretty wicked! so get involved everyone. BYO CANS ONLY, food stalls will be baked spuds, roast rolls, BBQ and also a crepe stall! heaps of room for camping 2. So get your mates together and come be a part of ridgee didge music festival!

Posted: 05/10/2010 by Rob Sawyer. (link)



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